What is SEM – Search Engine Marketing?

Pay Per Clicks Ads, Online Display Ads, & Video Ads.


After implementing SEO, then add SEM. After optimization of the website, you can drive additional traffic to your website through SEM/Search Engine Marketing like PPC Pay Per Click, Online Display Ads, Video Ads.

Pay Per Click PPC Ads are sponsored ads like Google Ads, Yahoo Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. These are the ads that are placed on the top and right side of the search engine results page.

Online Display Ads are the display, box and banner ads shown on various websites. Online Display Ads drive additional people to your website and create brand awareness for your company or product.

Video Ads are videos promoting your business that show up on YouTube and other video sites. These are the video ads that sometimes show up prior to a YouTube video that has the skip option, or on the sides that have to be clicked on to watch.

With SEM you have the ability to market your products and services to targeted audiences in the locations you want.

There is No Contract. Start and stop the campaign as needed. Know how much of your money is going to Paid Ads. Some companies take as much as 40-60% of your budget for profit then the rest is applied to your advertising spend. We offer total transparency of where and how much of your budget is being spent.

We are in the Google Adwords Partner program, and are Google Adwords Certified

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